We started our activities in 1991. We are engaged in the design and manufacturing of non-standard products and furniture.  We started our activities with the arrangement of private spaces, but over time we also found ourselves in the complex arrangement of public spaces.

Observing the modern market in this field, we apply advanced manufacturing technologies in our work, constantly update the base of the manufacturing equipment, and we have accumulated considerable experience in the manufacturing of non-standard products and furniture.

Our qualified constructors will design products according to your needs and preferences, offer existing innovations, help to select the right fittings or other necessary equipment or accessories. Qualified, highly experienced craftsmen will manufacture your ordered product with high quality.

Now we can offer:

  • Products of natural solid wood
  • Manufacture of natural wood panels
  • Metal constructions and other metal products 
  • LMDP, MDF, plywood, glass, and plastic solutions
  • Upholstery sewing services
  • Wet painting services of furniture and other products
  • CNC Milling services